Saturday, February 11, 2012

Howdy Ya'll (Last time I'll ever use "ya'll", promise)

My first blog post! I've actually typed that sentence many, many times if I'm going to be honest (and what the hell, this time I will be.) I've littered the internet with abandoned blogs, and before that I littered it with webpages I started churning out at the age of about 13.

With that said, I've never actually had a *personal* blog. In the past all my personal entries would go up on the afterthough journal feature of whatever social media site was going on, then try my hand at weird shit like netflix reviews of doom (totally dead now, thanks to netflix dropping the friends feature and crippling the review search.)

So, I'll basically be talking writing here. Reading. Eh, honestly my head has always been kind of a mess so it's hard to say what exactly will end up on this blog. But if you decide to follow it at all... thanks.

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